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p r a g u e    m u l t i - i n s t r u m e n t a l    e n s e m b l e

international quartet


film (scenic) music


Orchestra was created on April 2008 to special occasion - musical accompaniment to the czech silent movie Erotikon (1929) from director Gustav Machaty, in Czech centre in Paris.


Multiinstrumental four-member ensemble is based not only on classical music or incidental music, but also inspired experimental music directions. Sound incomprehensibility is not only given space for improvisation, but also the constant urge to explore new sounds. With non-traditional instruments such as wind synthesizer, sound system tree root or mechanical movements, their creation has a firm place electronic and experimental music.

(wrote about us: Zdenek Blaha

free translation: Jan Holecek)


Icon Orchestra is a group of creative musicians, focusing exclusively on incidental music, ie music composition for film and theater productions. Emotional character of music is built on the contrast of conventional, unconventional, original and experimental sound of instruments, and vocal expression. The goal is a symbiosis of artistic rendition of the movie musical alternative to the current manifestation. Orchestra prepares contemporary musical elements with contemporary visual atmosphere of silent film.


Jan Holecek: clarinet, bass clarinet, wind synthesizer, synthesizer microKORG, piano, and other ethnic wind instruments

Tomas Zizka: sounded the root of the tree, mechanical movements

Dragan Stojcevski: accordion

Agnes Kutas: violin, voice